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‘I didn’t want to suffer Linda Ikeji’s fate’- 23-yr-old married blogger



A 23-year-old Nigerian blogger and Facebook user, Chizzy Treasure, who admitted that celebrity blogger, Linda Ikeji is her role model, said she never wanted to suffer Linda Ikeji’s fate of late marriage, hence her decision to get married early.

'I didn’t want to suffer Linda Ikeji’s fate'- 23-yr-old married blogger lailasnews

According to Chizzy who celebrated her 5th month of marriage, Linda Ikeji’s predicament was the major reason why she got married early.

Love is a very beautiful thing. Some say it can only be felt but I doubt it.

When you are caught up, You are caught up. You See it happening to you yet you can’t help it!

You climb the highest mountains and still ask if it would hurt when you fall from there? Lol…Yes That is a Perfect Example of what it does to people!!!

Saw My Name in the Stars! Thence, I could Read The Future & What It Holds Perhaps.

Oh, Sands Of Time! Enough With the parables but I could at least reflect while I reminisce!!!

I was the issue of the Moment, i was Likened Like One fellow, thence some said I followed her footsteps but I knew I could change the story line, “SINCERELY, I DIDN’T WANT TO SUFFER THE SAME FATE AS MY ROLE MODEL HENCE THE HASTE”



Am grateful to everyone that has supported this journey of a young dreamer. AMIBO ISLAND WILL BE 5YEARS OLD BY 20. It doesn’t stop here….We will keep pushing.

'I didn’t want to suffer Linda Ikeji’s fate'- 23-yr-old married blogger lailasnews

'I didn’t want to suffer Linda Ikeji’s fate'- 23-yr-old married blogger lailasnews 1

Linda Ikeji is how now engaged to her ex-boyfriend who is based in the United States. Our report earlier on the engagement reads in part;

Our earlier report reads;

Linda Ikeji’s fiance is not one to bare too much of himself to limelight. According to a very reliable source – Big Sam of BroadwayTV, Linda Ikeji’s husband-to-be used to be her ex-boyfriend. He had relocated abroad and was based abroad before he finally relocated back to Nigeria. The two reconnected again and picked up from where they stopped..

Linda Ikeji’s engagement is coming just days after I had a clear dream of her having a grand traditional wedding. I can still see clearly the very excited slay queens that turned up for Linda Ikeji’s wedding and were snapping up. lol.

This is great news.

Congratulations Linda Ikeji!

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