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How to stay in a relationship during service year



Not all relationships survive the distance placed between partners by NYSC, but yours can.
Here are three ways to sustain that your relationship while you or your partner is serving:
1. Communicate
This is a no-brainer. When you go for service and you are posted at some place far away from the love of your Life [LOYL], communication is one huge thing that can’t be toyed with.
It’s not necessarily going to be easy, especially if you are posted to one of those rural areas where mobile network coverage is rubbish and Internet is existent at just one particular spot of the whole town. [I know this struggle]
Just like every other couple in a distance relationship, communication is what gives you a chance of being together even though you can’t see each other physically.

2. Travel
Here’s the thing about NYSC that you’ll find out soon enough; travelling isn’t always easy.
You’ll need permission to travel everywhere outside the state you are posted to, and that is hardly ever approved.
If one or both partners are posted so far apart, you need to look for a way to see each other.
You just have to, even if it’s once in two or three months. You just can’t afford to be away from each other for longer than that.
3. Be supportive
Financially, especially.
NYSC is a scheme that pays just stipends and it’s hardly enough for anyone to spend, no matter how careful or thrifty they are.
If you are not serving but your partner is, and you have a job/income, do your best to send money to them.
Your support should not be limited to that, though. In words and other actions let your partner know they you’ve got their back all the way.

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