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How to avoid catching feelings when you’re not ready for love



Because accidental relationships are a thing, it is important to be careful so as not to catch feelings when you’re unready and unwilling for love.

An accidental relationship, as it sounds, is the type that just happens out of the blues. You’re never prepared, you’re unwilling and unintentional about it but somehow you just discover that you are in too deep with someone to back out without causing a damage of sorts; so you just plunge deeper into the relationship.

What this causes is a relationship of unhappiness, dissatisfaction and a potential disaster even before the relationship began!

To avoid finding yourself in a mistaken relationship like this, here are few things to avoid:

1. Avoid using words of endearment

As trivialised as the use of endearing words » may have become these days, it remains uncool to just dole it out without thought.

If you do not mean it, do not say it. For you who intends to not get in a relationship yet, using words of endearment with a member of the opposite sex could create unwanted emotional problems for you because you could be triggering attraction in the other person.

And if you are avoiding catching feelings, it doesn’t make much sense to make another person catch feelings for you

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2. How to date

If you are not ready for a relationship but want to remain social, » then ensure to not go out with the same person repeatedly for too long.

If you like company on your social outings, then ensure to have a wide spectrum to pick from.

Do not go out with the same person repeatedly in such a short period of time. That way you allow feelings simmer or die down before things even become too heated up.

3. Time

This is the biggest thing to guard most if you don’t want to find yourself in an unwanted relationship.

The more time you spend with someone, the more likely you are to build a bond with them and feelings are bound to creep in that way.

If you are communicating for several hours with the same person, chatting, laughing, sharing thoughts, ideas, plans, goals and basically learning everything about each other, you will be surprised that you’ll be in a relationship with them before you know it!

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