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Dele Momodu Has Some Advise For The Youths Over Nigerian Politics



Media mogul, Dele Momodu , has lamented some actions of Nigerian youths.
In an article on Saturday titled ‘The reasons Nigeria must wake up fast’, the publisher stated that no angel will come down to save or rescue Nigeria.

He wrote:-

“We must all join hands to do it. I think we are wasting too much time and resources on seeking a God on earth to run our affairs”.

“The time has come to make use of the best brains amongst us in a united government, strengthen our democratic institutions, stop the charade of selective injustice, promote unity and religious tolerance.

“I weep every time I see young people insulting themselves on behalf of politicians who are all friends off-radar.

“They kill themselves for mere pittance while the children of the priviligentsia are living large on the sweat and blood of the proletariat. Those who have ears should please listen.”

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