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#BBNaija: Reasons Why I Cannot Marry Someone Like Lolu – Cee-C



Fellow Big Brother Naija housemate Cee-C also gave her reasons why she can’t marry someone like Lolu. This was the response she gave to him after he confronted her about her regular use of eyelashes.

According to Lolu, he doesn’t like eyelashes on ladies and anytime he sees it on Cee-C, he gets irritated

He said:

“I think you are finer without lashes, so why do you wear it often. I do not like the fact you can’t do without it; that is crazy.”

Cee-C who was obviously angered by the statement, responded saying she doesn’t care what he feels about her. And that it is none of his business if she wears eyelashes.

According to her, she hates impulsive people like Lolu and that was the reason she cannot marry someone like him. She claims he doesn’t understand the importance of the beauty item.

“Yea I cannot do without my lashes, call me pretty or not. More reason why I cannot marry someone like you who does not understand such things and criticise.”

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