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3 Nigerian students killed by tree during excursion to Cameroon



A tragedy which struck during an excursion to a wildlife park in northern Cameroon, reportedly killed 3 Nigerian students.

 He further disclosed that Sixteen students were also injured and taken to Garoua, the capital of the Northern Region, following the incident which occurred while  50 students and six staff were on a school trip.

 The late Nigerian students have been identified as Yusuf M Bello, a 400L student, serving as the President, Biological Science Students’ Association (BIOSSA). The others are Nancy SamAchak, a 400 Level student Of Biology Education and Grace Fyafa Thomas, a Botany student.

 Facebook user Marafa Paul, who penned down a tribute to his late comrades, wrote;

Dead has been announced of the Taraba State University veteran leader, the president of Biological Science Department with two of his colleagues during their field trip to Cameroon at the mid noon of yesterday..

There names are as follows:
1. Yusuf Mohammed (Presidor)
2. Nancy SamAchak (Bio Edu)
3. Grace Fyafa Thomas (BOT).
Pls pray for their families!!!

The HOD of the Faculty of Biological Science Dr. Robert S. Houmsu was reportedly to be unconscious since yesterday up to now receiving treatment at the intensive care clinic in Chad, Republic of Cameroon.
Pray for his quickest recovery.

These were three people that lost their lives at the noon hour of yesterday around 3:15pm after a heavy thunderstorms during the rainfall which has broken down the most oldest and heaviest tree which scientifically known as (khaya Senegalese), the English name is Mahogany and in Hausa known as (Madachi). That tree was said to be there for over a century now by the Botanists. Imagine how big n heavier the tree could be on a human body. Pls pray for the remaining 15th people receiving intensive treatment at the different parts of their bodies for quickest recovery. Sleep well.

The picture of the tree you can sight here was the pix that end dia lives after a thunderstorms in Bouba Njidda Wild Life Park at Garua, Cameroon Republic.

 May God grant others mercy journey back to unite with their family(s) in Jesus name. RIP!!!

Here are photos of the late Nigerian students;

3 Nigerian students killed by tree during excursion to Cameroon  lailasnews 1

3 Nigerian students killed by tree during excursion to Cameroon  lailasnews 2

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