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?2019: Jubilation in Kano as Buhari declares re-election bid



Many youths in Kano jubilated on Monday after the news broke that President Muhammadu Buhari would be seeking another term.According to the News Agency of Nigeria, NAN, some of the youths expressed optimism that Buhari would complete the development projects he started.

Usman Baba, a resident, told NAN that the past three years of the Buhari administration had been spent restoring security in the country and fighting corruption.

“We are happy and hoping that President Buhari should return to embark on infrastructural development since he has already retrieved a lot from looters.

“We don’t want someone to come and embezzle the retrieved loot or divert it to some looters again. That is why we want him to serve another term.” He said

Abduljalal Mu’azu, another resident, also expressed optimism that if Buhari wins a second term, the country’s situation might improve.

A female respondent, Malama Musa, said the world had accepted the president as trustworthy and transparent.

Kano is of great importance to Buhari’s second term bid as the state gave him the highest number of votes in the 2015 election. Oout of the 2,172,447 votes cast in Kano in 2015, Buhari won 1,903,999 votes.

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