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Tonto Dikeh has an advice for y’all slamming her over her outfit and being born again



Nollywood actress, Tonto Dikeh , who was slammed by her followers over her cleavage baring outfit given that she has publicized that she is now ‘born again’, has reacted to the argument her critics brought to her page.
The cleavage baring photo Tonto Dikeh shared before now in which she noted, that she doesn’t give second chance when hurt and also a child of God, came with this caption;

I am The Alpha Woman(A King)

I am Strong.

I am so Damn Beautiful in and out from Head to Toe(Created on a special day)

I am a fighter I don’t do pity parties.

I am a champion.

I am resilient.

I create a life and I live it.

I don’t put myself down or allow any put me down no more.

I am a pro woman.

I don’t compete for attention.

I am a Drama Queen(Attention is me binches)??☺?☺?

I make Money move.

I know when a ship has sailed I know when to move.

I am Straight forward no in betwwens with me(Its either white or black).

I Don’t give 2nd chances when hurt

I don’t do cliques I am an embodiment of clique all put in one.

I invest in my joy purposefully.

I know the life I live is intimidating and annoying to alot of people but I don’t care I live it still.

I am a Lover.

I am a Badass mother(I was born for this)

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I am child of the most High God.

I am a go Getter.

I am a Happy mother

I am a Happy Bae☺(Thanks?)

I am The Worlds Best.

I am the Deal.

Who do you say you are?
Replying her critics over the trolling she got, Tonto Dikeh wrote;

Those of you disagreeing with my last post simply because I’m born again shldn’t annoy at all or I will release a bikini picture. My friend calm your self righteous ignorant selves down, you can’t judge me lie lie…..Leave that job for God and work on your happiness and appreciation skills

I am joking ooo BUT if you come for me i will cyber murder you my nigga..Just laugh and move on

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