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“Rick Ross has been cloned” – Fans cry out following Rick Ross’s transformation



Fans of American rapper Rick Ross have screamed foul after beholding his latest photo released on Instagram today barely a week after he was found unresponsive in his home.

Just last week there were reports that the rapper was on life support struggling between life and death. The reports state that the heavy Ross suffered an attack and had to be rushed to the intensive care.

His release from the hospice was also reported but with no pictorial evidences, until the latest photo emerged today.

Rick Ross in the new photo looks healthy, and with much of his weight gone. Asides the visibly evident transformation, the rapper’s face tattoo were also not conspicuous and these facts led the fans to believe something was amiss.

While some declared that their favorite rapper had been cloned, others mourned that he was probably dead!

Dead or cloned, a number of fans did not believe the person in the photo was Ross! If this is not Rick Ross, Where is Rick Ross ?