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Popular Comedian, Ali Baba Speaks On The Killing Of Elephant In Idanre, Ondo State



Father of Nigerian comedy, Ali Baba, has reacted to the man who gained the attention of social media users when he shared photos of the huge elephant he killed. News had on Thursday, reported that a hunter has become a local hero as the residents of Idanre area of Ondo State, gathered together to witness his latest feat of gunning down an elephant at the Janiyi camp area of the state.

In a bid to express his displeasure of the display of ignorance by the locals, veteran Nigerian comedia, Ali Baba, took to his Instagram page and stated that the animal was worth more alive to its killer but that knowledge was far out of reach to the Idanre local.

In his post, he said: 

“Congratulations. You killed the elephant. The meat will last 6 months. Or if you sell it you will make lets say about 200k… hmmm. Then someone will say his agency protects the endangered species in Nigeria. They think it’s just about placing adverts to justify their annual allocation.

“If we had functional reserves, would we not have more value for this elephant? There are full grown adults of 40 years plus, that have never set their eyes on a real elephant, or even touched one. But hey… You can not blame the man. If he knew how much that elephant would have fetched him ALIVE… He would not have killed it. And see the spectators… all wishing it was their luck.”