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NYSC Member Arrested For Impregnating 11-yr-old Girl In Warri



A youth corps member serving in Delta state has been arrested for allegedly defiling an eleven-year-old JSS 2 student in Warri area of Delta state . According to reports, the youth corper was assigned to carry out home lessons for the young girl but he had other plans for the girl which has resulted to an early pregnancy and put the little girl in a bad position.
The Nana College Warri student now goes through the pain of abuse and molestation, the suspect has been arrested and is currently in custody at Division B police station in Warri. It was also gathered that a notification has been sent to National Youth Service Corps NYSC national secretariat as the suspect is to be charged to court.

Israel Joe shared the photo of the youth Corper on Facebook and wrote;

A youth corp member defiled an eleven (11) year old JSS 2 student. Simple instruction to carry out home lessons have ended the little girl with pregnancy.

The Nana College Warri student now goes through the pain of abuse and molestation. While he will be charge to court and a notification has been sent to NYSC national secretariat, we insist that parents must be careful with those they leave with their children. Trust no man.

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The suspect is right at the custody of B Division Warri and we are much impress with the non compromising investigations by the working DPO. Again I’m saying trust no man with your female child. Don’t suspect them, don’t trust them. Be street wise…

See how some people reacted to the incident;

That’s why whenever my aunt is looking for a home teacher,she always make sure it’s a female teacher before they come and spoil her children for her .. this trauma doesn’t just go like that ..

no be today,wen i was in school,a parent lefte dere daughter for a member of NYSC as a private teacher ,he impregnated her ,aborted for her and d girl died in d process ,i don’t know why one will decide to sleep with an underage child

11 year old!!! how do you defile an 11 year old ? where is your conscience ? how does he even sleep at night ?

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