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My wife set me up with her sister so she could divorce me – Man cries out



A Nigerian man has made an allegation that his wife who intends to divorce him deliberately set him up with her sister so she could have an evidence against him.

According to the story narrated by an Instagram user identified as @blogger_dami, the man opened up that his wife actually asked her sister to stay with her husband in their room while she was away. Of which the entire plan was for her to barge in while the duo are together.

The man eventually found out it was all a plan and he seems to be confused on what to do.

Read his story below:

Good afternoon Dami,

I came across your profile on Instagram and I felt it would present me an opportunity to push my thought to the world. And I will like if you can keep things anonymous for me.

I am currently in a dilemma and I want the world to know about it. I am a married with just 2 kids and everything has been going fine with me and my wife. Only that recently we usually have some little bickering in the home and sometimes I cant just explain how it comes up because she starts it and it might even be due to some irrelevant issues, like me not placing my toothbrush in the right spot.

Now we are currently in court battling on divorce. I didn’t bring up the issue of divorce but it happened that my wife caught me with her sister who stays with us.

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But I made a discovery yesterday that everything about the issue was pre-planned by my wife and her sister. They both set me up.

It all started when my wife’s sister would come into my room and asked to stay anytime my wife is not around. I don’t refuse sometimes because the TV in her room is faulty and so she was always with the excuse that she wanted to watch movies in our room. .

Normally, she usually brings in a plastic chair, but this particular day she came without a chair and sat by the side of the bed where I lay. I actually run an electronic shop close to my home so I get home earlier than my wife most of the times.

So while she was watching, she decided to lie down on the bed beside me. I didn’t feel comfortable with that, but since I didn’t have any evil intention, I decided to say nothing and besides I was tired and I didn’t want to embarrass her as well.

So we laid side by side and she was watching while I pressed my phone. I didn’t even realize she was in a short skirt. .

After a while I had been engrossed in the phone that I didn’t realize this girl was close to me already, though we didn’t make any contact.

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All of a sudden my wife barged into the room and hell was let loose.

Continue in comment sectThis woman claimed I was sleeping with her sister and I just didn’t know what to say at that moment. The sister also begged her that nothing of such happened by she slapped her terribly that she left us both in the room. .

The following week I received a letter from a man claiming to be her lawyer. It was a divorce letter and I was summoned to court.

We are currently on the court case.

But just yesterday when I was coming back from work. A phone repairer in my area called me and asked me to drop my wife’s sister’s phone for her that she had given him a day before to make some repairs in it.

I decided to snoop in on her phone when I saw the shock of my life. My wife had actually planned to set me up with her sister.

A particular message she sent on the date that we were both together read “Are you on bed with him already, make sure you are very close to him. If possible take a pix’.

Now I am just in between hell and earth as I could not just reason why she wanted a divorce. In our 4 years of marriage I have noit suspected her for once.


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