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Man forced to exhume his late parents’ remains over road expansion in Imo State



An Imo resident was faced with a hard choice of exhuming the remains of his parents buried two years ago, following the planned expansion of a highway by Imo State Government along Wheathral Road in Owerri.
The man who was given a deadline by the authorities who believed the grave may affect the road’s expansion, dug up the grave of his late parents over the night while surrounded by his friends.

Facebook user, Mr. Ugochukwu Ezeji who shared the story wrote;

Even the dead cannot rest in peace under Rochas administration. My friend exhumed his parents remains to make way for nonsense road expansion along whethral road. God is watching. Feeling very sad.

Kaycee Nworlu wrote;

So apparently the Imo State governor forced a man to exhume his father’s corpse from grave, so apparently even the dead are not safe from this fraudulent APC government, under APC even the dead cannot rest in peace anymore

Here are photos below;

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