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Lady recounts her experience with a female Uber driver in Lagos



There’s been positive and negative stories about Uber drivers in Lagos and states their services extend to, however we’ve gotten hold of a positive story of a female Uber driver who came in contact with an excited Instagram user who took to the platform to recount the experience.According to lady, their journey was one of the best she has had so far, and the female Uber driver brought back her property she forgot. Here’s what she wrote;

She wrote;

This lady next to me, is just amazing, so while I had to rush from yaba to Ikeja, yesterday, as our guest from the US had just landed at the airport, and my car was doing school runs, so I had to take an uber @[email protected] . As I heard it was a female voice I was intrigued.

The best ride so far on uber, she not only took a fastest route, and got me to our Adeniyi Jones branch, on record time, due to the rush to get to our August visitors, I forgot my laptop, and bag in her car, I didn’t even know, she brought all my things back, despite the traffic and her probably losing other trips, due to her coming back to me.

Thanks so much Obaoye, for bringing back the things immediately, and not saying come meet me later in the night at close of work or tomorrow like other male uber drivers would say.

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Women just rock!


This follows up report of some Uber drivers in Lagos, using a fake GPS itinerary app to illicitly bump up fares for local riders.

Initially created for developers to “test geofencing-based apps,” Lockito, an Android app that lets your phone follow a fake GPS itinerary, is being used by Uber drivers in Lagos to inflate the cost of their trips.