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I am not part of Nigerian version of Black Panther – Queen Nwokoye



The trending movie of the year 2018 Black Panther is still making waves across cinemas all over the world and breaking records of all kinds. However Nollywood actress Queen Nwokoye who didn’t feature in the original movie, has surprisingly been spotted in a poster of the Nigerian version.

Surprisingly, just as it is in the usual manner of the Nollywood industry, some producers will always craft their own version of any Hollywood Blockbuster and the Black Panther is not an exception.

Nigerians were not in any way disappointed as a lot of film lovers were already expecting the arrival of the indigenous version of the movie. Well just some few days ago, the poster emerged and it featured popular Nollywood actress, Queen Nwokoye alongside some other top actors in the industry.

The poster of the film titled ‘Wakanda Forever’ has actually got a lot of people wondering when producers in the industry will stop this act of imitation and start bringing out more creative movies for the viewers.

The poster eventually got the attention of the actress involved and she has come out to dissociate herself from the movie and the producer of the movie

The actress, in her reaction. took to her Instagram page to reveal in very strong words that she is no part of the controversial viral movie poster.

She posted the image and wrote:

“I am very sure that the jobless fellow who made this rubbish think it’s funny but it’s not. These days people can do anything for likes and comments. Pls just leave me out of your childish creations biko.

“And for those ones who are running their mouths up and down, do not take the gentle strides of the lion as cowardice.”

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The Black Panther movie just crossed a $1billion revenue across the world making it one of the most successful movies ever released. The producers of the movies have also revealed that the sequence of the movie is already in production