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Fans Blast Brymo For Wearing G-string in New Video



Olawale Ashimi popularly known as Brymo recently dropped the visuals to one of the tracks off his newly released album (Osó). The singer is seen wearing what looks like a g-string and playing a piano. Music fans have continued to drop their two cents on the issue. While some of them think its pure art and Brymo’s creativity is unmatched, others think its utter crap and Brymo should come back to reality.Here are the ones that say Brymo has lost his mind;

“ Brymo! I respect your work but wearing g-string to play piano in hot sun barefoot in a public area tho. I think we lost you along time ago. Come back to sanity bruv.

— Lord Scummander (@zhurg_)

March 27, 2018 ”

“ I seriously don’t understand why brymo is un*lad in dis his new video… Why is he showing us black ynash ?????..i just have so many questions mehnnnn

— EX-NIGERIAN (@mildred_ojm)

March 27, 2018 ”

“ Brymo – “Olekuuu. Tell me something wey I no fit doooo…”

“I bet you can’t play piano under a bridge in the hot sun… Wearing a G string..”

Brymo – “Hold my igbo…”

— Uchiha Senilore (@TheFunnycator) March 27, 2018 ”

“ What if something bites Brymo’s bumbum. Pressing piano inside bush nitori olorun

— oluwadamilola (@d_amilola_)

March 27, 2018 ”

Then the ones that think Brymo is the god of creativity;

“ Brymo is a phenomenal writer. I know we all know this, but just so you know again incase you stopped knowing.

— Wọlé II (@Kingwole) March 27, 2018 ”

“ Brymo is just too creative, and there is no real creativity without madness, I mean look at Einstein, van Gogh and Hunter S. Thompson.

— O.A? (@OlabisiOa) March 28, 2018 ”

“ Ain’t entertaining no Brymo slander on my TL. As far as I’m concerned, anything he does is right by default, even if he decides to wear Bra, I will support him ?

— FAVOUR ONYEOZIRI (GCFR) (@Rouvafe) March 28, 2018 ”

“ If Kanye does it, it is modern art, if Brymo does it it is insanity. Lmao. Tuck in your hypocrisy.

— Cameroon Pepper (@Ceefour__) March 28, 2018 ”

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