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#BBNaija: Tobi’s brother begins campaign after he was issued two strikes



During the Live eviction show last night,Big Brother gave two strikes to Tobi, one for ignoring biggie during diary section and the other for conspiring with Anto and Lolu to put CeeC up for eviction last week but To bi says he’s innocent of the conspiracy accusation and will clear it in his next diary section.

Tobi’s brother Femi Bakre has taken to Twitter to begin a #JusticeforTobi Campaign for Tobi and also Tobi’s fans on social media are fuming and have accused Biggie of double standard, Inconsistency, confusion and borderline incompetence.

According to some Tobi fans, To bi wasn’t aware of the strike and deserved to know, and some also say Biggie is being nepotistic, trying to favour CeeC because she brings drama and drama means more money for them.

See tweets below.

Here’s a thread on the recent, shocking amount of inconsistency, confusion and borderline incompetence that has plagued this season’s #BBNaija game

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1. The Non-Investigation on False Sexual Assault Allegations by Cee C

Cee-C was already on two strikes when it became clear that she had played a ‘dirty’ card and accused Tobi of assault. There was no investigation, no videos were played, complete silence #bbnaija @bbnaija

2. Why?

Clearly, Cee-C was the most talked about housemate so @BBNaija could not afford to have her disqualified as it would ruin their game show. So they turned a blind eye to this heinous allegation despite @Biggyiscrazy ‘s vehement protests #bbnaija @bbnaija @PayPorte

3. A Strike for for Dee-One

Earlier in the game, Dee-One was given a strike for instigation after he had clearly been conspiring to put team Cebi up. No videos were played, no noise was made, nothing. They, instead, lazily put all housemates up for eviction instead #bbnaija

4. Tobi’s Strike for Conspiracy

Conspiracy is defined as a ‘secret plot by a group to do something harmful’. By definition, for Tobi to have conspired, Anto and Lolu must also have conspired. How do you issue Tobi a strike and ignore the co-conspirators? #bbnaija

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