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#BBNaija: Juliet Ibrahim reveals her plan for Cee-C



Ghanaian actress, Juliet Ibrahim, took to her Twitter page to reveal her plans forCee-C who was put up for fake eviction this week, as the live show was ongoing this evening.

According to Juliet Ibrahim who noted that Cee-C loves faux eyelashes, she will be making the reality show star an ambassador of her eyelash brand ‘Shades by Juliet Ibrahim’, a move which many interpreted as a shade. Her tweet reads;

I can’t wait for CeeC to come home and make her brand ambassador for Shades by Juliet Ibrahim Eye lashes

@shadesbyjuliet She surely needs some good lashes to rock since she loves faux lashes this much. # bbnaija

Cee-C’s eyelash has been a hot topic social media users have been talking about, following her continued stay in the house. Here are some top tweets about her eyelash;

@Mimielbernard tweeted;

I love Tobi and Cee-C …am not taking sides,the last time I did that,I was disappointed Tobi will swear and immediately Ceec blinks her

eyelash he go just forget everything

@ama_3304 tweeted;

is it that Cee-C can not see without an eyelash or what? The girl has not been without eyelashes since she stepped into that house. I wonder how she go be without the thing

# bbnaija

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# BBNaija Ladies, please I have a very important question to ask. Is a lady not gonna be beautiful without an

eyelash ? Cos I don’t understand…Why is it that Cee-c can not do without the eyelashes?

Lolu low key shading Cee-c “You carry eyelash like bat” Lmaooooo finish her # BBNaija

# BBNaijaCee-c hahahahahahhahahaha wat is she saying she is super irritating thank God she doesn’t say much!! Plssss remove that eyelash Biko!!!

TeamTobi,please night shift people,we can now go to sleep…like yooooo.God saw our hearts n heard our cries….baby boy is now sleeping.That was taking forever.Aunty eyelash though…she doesn’t know the table she is shaking has her hymen on top,legit. Goodnight Tobi # bbnaija

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