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#BBNaija: Dee-One Reveals What His Wife Told Him After He Was Evicted From Big Brother Show



Ex Big Brother Naija housemate, Dee-One, has revealed what his told him after he was evicted from the widely watched reality show.
Dee-One has explained why he didn’t flirt during his stay in the Big Brother Naija house and why his wife blames him for his eviction.

While campaigning for a chance to return to the house, the comedian told Galaxy TV said that some people criticized his wife for allowing her husband go for a show like Big Brother Naija.

He explained that his wife is his biggest supporter and was actually the one who convinced him to go for the auditions.
Dee-One said that after he was evicted, she blamed him and asked why he didn’t do anything or even dance with any of the housemates.

“She is my number one fan, she supports me in everything. I didn’t want to go for the auditions, na she tell me to go,” he said.

You know the funniest thing? when I got back, she was also blaming me. [She said] ‘you too, you for even do…

She was saying ‘you over did it. Why you no follow person dance?’

Dee-One explained that he didn’t dance with anyone because he was trying to avoid certain situations.

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“From drink to dance, and before you know it, we dey bed dey ask ‘how are you? How was your day? Which is against what I should be playing for, personally.”

During his stay in the house, Dee-One was paired with Vandora as his strategic partner. On several occasions, it seemed like Vandora, who also had a relationship outside the house, was interested in Dee-One.

During an interview with Pulse, Vandora explained that flirting with Dee-One was a strategy.

“People in the house started throwing around “oh, we like each other.’ So we decided to go for a game where I throw myself at him and he rejects me,” she said.

“Sometimes he comes for me and I run away. We were just trying to make it known that we are not together and I think we overplayed it.”

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