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Yahoo boy allegedly used his sister’s son for money rituals in Lagos



An internet fraudster, otherwise referred to as Yahoo Boy has been arrested in Lagos after he was caught trying to use his sister’s son for money rituals.

The man identified as Tunde Owolabi popularly known as ‘Money Talks’ was caught using his elder sister’s son, who was just 7 years old for money rituals in Ikoyi, an area on the Island in Lagos.

The story was posted on Facebook by a man identified as Odueko Olumide John ,

and according to him the suspect took security operatives to where he dumped the boy’s corpse. The suspect was pictured with the decaying corpse of the boy while he was being handcuffed to another unidentified suspect.

In his post he wrote:

Luck ran out of another Yahoo big boy named Tunde Owolabi ( aka Money Talks) caught using his elder sister’s 7-year-old son for money rituals in Ikoyi, Lagos State.
He is alleged to be in Police custody and helping the police with investigations.

The post sparked outrage as Facebook users rained curses on the suspected ‘yahoo boy’

The rate at which young guys now use other humans for rituals is quite alarming and it goes to depict the lack of adequate security and surveillance system in the country.

Just some few days back, a guy was allegedly caught trying to clean other people’s urine with a white handkerchief. He was suspected to be doing so for rituals purpose and this enraged the people of the area that he was beaten brutally.

A lady also sometimes narrated how she was saved from the hands of her former boyfriend who happened to be a Yahoo Boy . According to the lady, she overheard the guy talking with his friend on how he disposed the human excreta he ate the day before in his neighbour’s trash can.

She immediately ran for her dear life!

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