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Wizkid’s Son Breaks The Internet With His Shakushaku Moves; NIgerians React



While it’s obvious that Wizkid is a novice when it comes to dancing, his first son Bolutife Balogun will however save the drama for his dad with his smart moves.

Boluwatife broke the internet with some hot shakushaku moves recently and it has got a lot of people talking.

The six year old boy whose moves remind us of his superstar daddy was trending on almost all platforms but Nigerians noticed some other things.

A number of comments on the post pointed out that the young man was in no way like his father especially as far as looks were concerned.

Some went as far as brutally recommending that Wizkid carries out a DNA on the boy to ascertain if he is the real father of Bolu.

We already know how insensitive Nigerians can be forgetting that if Bolu does not have his father’s look, he sure has his mother’s looks!

See some of the comments as dropped on the video post…