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Why Alexis Sanchez Fell Out With Arsenal’s Players – Hector Bellerin Finally Opens Up



Arsenal’s Spanish defender, Hector Bellerin, has opened up on how his former team-mate and striker, Alexis Sanchez, fell-out with Arsenal players before he signed for Manchester United.

Hector Bellerin admits Alexis Sanchez‘s demanding mentality became ‘too much’ for Arsenal‘s players.

The Chilean was involved in a confrontation with Laurent Koscielny during a training session with Arsenal last season, while in December, the forward was at the centre of a bust-up with his teammates and was dropped by Arsene Wenger.

Sanchez also vented his frustration towards his teammates on the pitch on numerous occasions during his time at Arsenal.

And while Bellerin insists the Manchester United forward is one of the best in the Premier League, the Spaniard believes his former teammate was overbearing at times. ‘Alexis is an amazing player,’ Bellerin told the Oxford Union.

‘One of the best in the Premier League for sure but he is a player who always wants to win.

‘He demands from everyone, sometimes it can be too much.

‘The great thing is he wants to win, to give 100 per cent.

‘This season maybe things weren’t going as well for him but I truly believe he was giving 100 per cent.

‘There was one game against Crystal Palace. We celebrated a goal and some of the players went I stayed back, I was talking to Calum Chambers because there was some tactical stuff.

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‘For me that was more important than celebrating the goal.’

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