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Music Making Is Very Difficult – Djinee



Seasoned Nigerian musician, Djinee, born Osayamwen Nosa Donald, has revealed that the major reason it seemed he quit making music is because the process involved in making his kind of music is very tedious and time consuming.

In a chat with Showtime, the prolific singer who recently released the audio and video to his latest single titled ‘Find You’ explained how difficult it is to make his kind of music.
“I never left; my music isn’t pop, making the kind of music I make takes a bit of time. The creative process generally isn’t easy.

Try making music and you’ll realize it can be difficult, very difficult in fact. But sometimes, it’s not just recording; it’s about understanding that there are different strategies for releasing different music.

We all have our individual processes, maybe mine takes a bit more time but it is unique to me and it works for me. Just like different alcoholic beverage brands have different manufacturers and promotional strategies unique to each one so also do artistes. Same goes for automobile, hospitality brands and so on ”, he said.