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Missing girls: Abducted Dapchi schoolgirl’s parent arrested – BBC reporter Stephanie Hegarty



One of the parents of the abducted Dapchi students, has reportedly arrested for attacking Governor Gaidem’s convoy as reported by BBC reporter, Stephanie Hegarty.

According to her, the Nigerian Government is trying every means possible to stop Dapchi girls’ parents from talking to the media. Here’s what she tweeted;

A parent in Dapchi called me to say he’s in hiding after an order has been issued for his arrest. One parent already arrested. For attacking convoy ostensibly, though they fear gov trying to prevent them from talking to the media. Police not answering calls.

# Yobe

Police response – no comment yet.

I am not the only journalist in Nigeria today who has met a wall of silence while trying to contact authorities – army, state gov, federal gov – for update on Dapchi girls.

In a press release Yobe state government have apologised for misleading information about a rescue of Dapchi schoolgirls. They said it was based on information from a security agency that was not credible