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Meet The Beautiful Woman Who Sheds Blood From Her Eyes Instead Of Tears (Photos) 



A woman has been branded a witch by people in her community because of a rare condition that makes her shed blood instead of tears.

A young 21-year-old woman who sweats and sheds blood has been branded a witch by villagers in India. The woman identified as Geeta was diagnosed with a condition which causes her to bleed blood from her eyes.

According to The Sun UK , Geeta suddenly started bleeding from her eyes last year, but her condition is so rare that many, including some doctors, do not even know it exists.

She is thought to be suffering from hematohidrosis, which affects only 1 in 10 million people.

Studies have found that in some cases, the condition can be triggered by extreme stress, causing the blood vessels which surround the sweat glands to narrow.

As the anxiety and stress increases, the blood vessels dilate to the point of rupture, and blood is pushed to the surface, coming out of the skin like sweat, but red.

Geeta’s condition has devastated her family, and destroyed her marriage. When she started sweating blood, her horrified husband left her, believing the only explanation could be that she is a witch.

The graduate’s father, a poor labourer, left their home in the Saharsas district of India in a bid to seek treatment for her.

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He says that all his dreams for her have been shattered, with her condition worsening by the day.

Blood has now started to come out of her body as well as her eyes.

Bizarrely, Dr. Vinayak Kumar Singh of the Sadar hospital found that Geeta’s blood cell count and clotting levels were completely normal.

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