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LOL Bank Shows BBNaija Reality Show To Mesmerize Customers



The Question I need you to answer after reading this is if it is OK for a Banking hall to be filled with noises from BBnaija reality show and the security men and Bank staff are amongst those transfixed and watching….

This is a BV i -witness report

I was at the ******* bank Awka Branch this early morning oh.

I didn’t notice the BBNaija reality show showing inside the bank at first because I was busy with my phone and waiting for my turn to reach.

Then there was this noise like people talking on the TV. I initially thought it was CNN or all those static channels normally shown in a bank. The noise didn’t stop. So I became curious to know what the anchors were arguing about

Oh my Baby Jesus!!! It was BBNaija showing inside a Bank! I literally screamed inside the bank. The security officer positioned inside were busy watching the show. (The man on white shirt and grey trousers with a lemon green line with security cap).

Some of the bank staff were watching too. (Two of them being, the man standing close to the TV on pink shirt and black trousers and the lady on blue till two customers approached her). And also the customers on queue were watching too.

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What!!!?!?!!! I have to take shots to convince myself I am not imagining things.