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How A Nigerian Man Spent Time With His 3 Girlfriends And Wife on Valentine’s Day



Stories emanating from Valentine’s day celebration have already started surfacing, and one of such stories claims that a Nigerian man reportedly celebrated the day with his 3 girlfriends and wife.

According to Twitter user @Tha_Mentalist, the man still made it to the office by 7:30a.m even after the late night celebration. His tweet read;

My colleague is a legend Successfully took his 3 girlfriends on Vals date at different locations btw the hours of 5pm and 10pm yesterday. Took his wife to a late night movie and dinner and arrived the office by 7:30a.m this morning.

When telling legendary stories to my grandchildren, I’ll tell the story of Sir K

P.S A legend doesnt have to be a good person. Please educate yourself before forming woke

When asked if the girls know he is married, the Twitter user who shared the story, tweeted;
Well i can confirm to you that the girls know he’s married and need to be with his wife. So they get their gifts, drink some wine and check out (x3)

i’m highkey encouraging efficiency. Some bad stories have lessons too else the devil wont be in the Bible