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Armed robbers caught after car accident while escaping with money in Owerri



Security operatives apprehended two suspected armed robbers while trying to escape after a robbery operation in Owerri , Imo state capital earlier today.

According to reports, two out of the three-man gang was caught while trying to escape after the robbery with wads of cash stacked in nylon bags inside their car.

While on top speed, the robbers ran into a moving vehicle along a Secondary School, as two of them were apprehended while trying to flee the scene of the accident.

One of the robbers was said to have taken a bag of money and ran away.

A combined team of Mobile Policemen and members of the Department of State Security Services were on ground to quickly calm down the situation, took the remaining suspected robbers, their loot, and car to State Police headquarters.

The crime rate in Owerri, Imo state seems to be on the rise a few weeks ago, A man was robbed at Rochas fly over in Owerri, Imo state capital. The man and his friends were attacked in their car.

The armed robbers who wore army uniforms stooped his vehicle as then abducted him along with his friend before dispossessing them of their valuables and injuring them in the process.

He shared the details of the robbery attack on his Facebook page. He wrote,

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Thank God for my life and my friends life today around 1:00 pm arm robberies attack us at Rochas fly over leading to concord hotel today .we taught it was army people and the stop the were wearing army uniforms and I stop the enter my car and drove it with the 5minute security my motor stop .the have to transfer me and my friends in there own car and left my car there an took us to airport road and collected phones treasure and money from us with our mobile app.the bully use with there guy and knife. Thank God we are alive. Brother and friends be careful for whom you stop for.

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