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5 most immature ways of breaking up with someone



There are mature ways to breakup » and there are absolutely unacceptable ways to do it.

Except you intend to be petty, immature and heartless about it, the following 5 methods of breaking up with a partner should be avoided by all means.

1. Ghost

Ghosting is so bad that it is technically not even a breakup method.

Breakups by their very essence signify that one or both people in a relationship decide to end it for some [logical or illogical] reason.

With ghosting, one person just disappears, walks away without a word. No closure, no explanation, nothing.

Except you intentionally want to be a jerk to that partner for reasons best known to you, ghosting is not an appropriate way to break up.

2. Text message/Phonecalls

This one screams ‘cowardice.’ If you want to break up with a partner, you should, at least, have the decency to speak with them about it face to face. It is classy, and speaks well of you.

But then, the last thing on your mind when you want to break up with some people is class or sophistication and respect.

If you feel your partner deserves nothing of these three things, then go ahead and break up via emails.

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3. Getting a new partner first

This one is a pure scum move.

Let a partner know you are fed up as soon as you feel you’ve gotten to a point where things between you and them can no longer be patched.

It is immature to get into a new relationship before ending a previous one.

If pettiness is your aim, however, you’d have succeeded.

4. Staying back for one last bang

This one is another vile move. Let a partner know when you are tired of the relationship. No point hanging around for a couple of more shags when you know surely that your mind is already out of it.

If they’re going to let you have some more from the cookie jar, breaking up might really not stop them from doing it. So better be honest.

 articularly immature but it would be OK to consider a partner’s disposition and temper so as to gauge what their reaction to a breakup might be.

If they are likely to raise a tantrum and do crazy stuff, you might want to avoid a crowded place so as not to embarrass yourself or them.

If, however, you fear assault, that public place is perfect. Matter of fact, it’s OK to ghost such person or even send them an email or text. Safety first. Every single time.

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