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What to Do if Your Marriage Is Failing



All couples go through several stages of development of relations before marriage and after its conclusion. And if at the moment when the feelings are born, the neighborhood of violent passion and quarrels is considered the norm, then when the intensity of emotions decreases, the scandals come to the fore.

Cooling of emotions to a partner and indifference are noticeable to the naked eye, so at the first appearance of the signs of a failing marriage, many prefer not to solve the problem but put a point and go in for new sensations. But it is not a solution of the problem. Do you know what percentage of marriages fail in US? According to modern statistics, it’s like 40%. Many of them could be saved if people knew how to do this.

Do You Need to Save Your Relationship?

Unreasonable and hasty actions will not bring positive changes in life and will not lead to happy relationships. But to stay on board the ship, clearly going to the bottom is meaningless.

Before parting, you should understand whether it is worthwhile to save relationships or this failing marriage is really no longer needed by anyone.

  • Serious intentions. Once the couple had a lot of common plans for the future and the desire for one goal – all this is wonderful, if not gone into the past. You can try to go back a few steps. A joint romantic evening, a cute bauble in the form of a surprise or a fun holiday can bring a fresh stream into boring everyday life.

  • Common view on life. If this point is there still – it is worth fighting for this relationships. The rise of emotions gradually disappears, giving way to respect and similarity of interests. You can chase the illusion of eternal passion for years, but the human body is not able for a long time to be in full euphoria without harm to mental health. And with each next partner you will pass the same steps and get the same bumps. With one exception – you can no longer find so understanding and similar person to you.

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But before the rescue operation begins, it is worth investigating why do marriages fail.

Analysis Of the Situation

Analysis of the relationships is useful not only for the correctness of the subsequent actions. This will consolidate life experience and help you avoid same traps in the future.

The main culprit of the disorder, due to which the relationship has to be saved, is routine. Over time, it dulls the most vivid emotions. All events are taken for granted, the presents are not surprising, but laziness is coming out.

How can you save a relationship if you do not want to share something new, and the partner does not show much interest in the affairs of his or her second half. And joint activity means gathering in front of TV screen. Here the trap, laid out by everyday life, tightly closes, and it feels boring to stay in the company of each other.

What to Do? Advices from

If you neglect it, the further development of the situation will lead to a dead end, therefore it is important to take the initiative into your own hands:

  • Feed the relationship with new emotions.

  • Realize an interesting leisure, on which you previously did not have time or desire.

  • Try to discover new aspects of life together on a daily basis.

  • However, you can not act alone without asking whether it is necessary for a loved one. Perhaps he or she has own vision of the situation.

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The main thing is to ask yourself: “is my marriage failing?” in right time and start to act.

As practice shows, it is possible to resurrect even hopeless relations, if the couple has not lost respect and love for each other. But when the feelings are gone – resuscitation will not help.

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