Check out Rihanna’s body difference from 2012 to 2017 (Photos)

Rihanna’s body difference: Who would have ever believed that that petite, beautiful Rihanna would ever grow this thick?

Is thick even the right word to use for her 2017 body? A lot of fans can’t comprehend how she went from that to this, but others says she look extremely good this way.

Well, for me, I prefer the 2012 Rihanna. That Rihanna was all shades of sexy! That was the Rihanna Drake and Chris could never get over! Who knows, maybe she gained the weight/fat/skin for a movie?

Her b**bs are way bigger than usual. Indeed, thicker and I must say, kind of fat too! Rihanna, please go back to the 2012 you! We loved you that way…

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