The Hero: See How This Man Battled and Destroyed a Snake On A Train With His Bare Hands (Video)

A video has shown the moment a man fearlessly attacked a snake with his bare hands on a train.


The incident reportedly occurred in Indonesia.


The snake was seen after it ended up slithering around a luggage rack after apparently getting out of a passenger’s bag. The reptile looked at least a metre long and was causing panic in the carriage, until the young man stepped in as the saviour of the moment.


He went on to kill it with his bare hands as others could only stand back and watch.


Wearing glasses and a shirt, he didn’t come across like some kind of animal wrestler. But he picked it up and whacked it on the floor of the train, killing it instantly, then chucked its limp body out the door.


Everyone carried on their trip from Jakarta to Bogor without injury.


The video has now been viewed more than 100,000 times after it was posted two days ago.


Watch the video below:




21 November | Penemuan ular di KRL jurusan Bogor-Angke. Peristiwa ini terjadi di stasiun Manggarai dan ditangani oleh salah seorang penumpang. info @hafidzradhi video @satriyack #jktinfo

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