I have 90 – 100 songs and can drop over 2 albums today – Rudeboy

One of the Okoye siblings, Paul, was at the Beat 99.9FM office as of late and the artist sat for a meeting

which had him talk on the situation that drove him to begin a performance vocation and what his fans ought

anticipate from him now that he is riding solo.

In the meeting, Rudeboy said he has made plans to considering everything important and has proceeded

onward from the dramatization with his twin sibling, Mr P. He said he settled on the choice on November

first, 2018, as he plans for the new year.

The vocalist declined to discuss the issue of his family, he said that he wouldn’t like to ‘play legislative issues’

with music and he would like to keep his family issue out of people in general, including the inquiries asked

of him by fans as respects his sibling.

Rudeboy however talked on his past tweets about their family issues, he faulted in for the strained

circumstance right then and there and said that he laments making such remarks and requested that his fans

excuse him. He included that he isn’t sure he will work together with his sibling as a gathering on any tune

once more.

Talking on his new tasks and feasible arrangements, he said he should draw out a performance collection one

year from now, he should drop his new singles however he believed he required comment his “new year,”

which began on November first. He specified that he has been living in the studio for as far back as couple of

weeks and his studio time has delivered between 90-100 tunes, including that he could drop two collections

at whatever point he needs to, before saying “my eye wear open, dey simply free lion commot for confine.”

One of the show has, Maria asked him how he felt when individuals say he can’t maintain his vocation alone,

he said he dismisses it including that he isn’t talking any longer including that his music will represent itself

with no issue.

A fan sent in an inquiry, inquiring as to whether the siblings could make up and get back together and he

answered saying “No be me sign paper say I wan commot”

He finished up the meeting by noting an inquiry on the current association with his senior sibling Jude

Okoye and he said “There used to be three of us, now there’s two of us; Jude is as yet my director.”