Don’t Sing Like P’Square Anymore – Fans Attack Paul Okoye After Listening To His New Song

HMusic fans came for Paul Okoye of former P’Square after he released his first solo track which bears 100% similarity with the conventional P’Square songs we have been hearing for the past years. Fans are not pleased about that.

The warned him to change his pattern of music since he thinks that separating from his brother is the best thing to do. According to fans, P’Square is gone, and Paul should not try to sound like P’Square in a bid to gain acceptance. 

Taking to his Twitter page, the fan wrote; “Rudeboy must change to something new. P’Square is gone forever. Stop using P’Square in this your useless alanta ridden music beat and rocked voice. Mr. P used something new despite the fact that he used a cloned agbero voice to sing out useless pseudo love nonsense!!! Rudeboy, be warned!!!”

He further said; “You rejected our lovely P’Square jamz only to come back to use the same voice in a solo without your bro. Stop giving us memory ache. Just sing your stupid rude song your own way and leave P’Square alone.” Other fans followed suit and Rudeboy had a rude reply for them. He said; Okay sir. I will go and do surgery to change my voice.”