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Shocking moment driver ‘tries to lure three young girls to his van with doughnuts’ as they played on the trampoline in their front garden



CCTV shows the driver pulling up outside their family home and winding down the window before apparently shouting “come get some doughnuts”.

Not recognising the man, quick-thinking Sadè grabbed Roxie and rushed her inside to alert her mum before returning to pick up Ameya.

Rechelle, 26 stormed out to confront the driver who quickly sped off.

The mum-of-two has issued a warning to other parents about stranger danger following the terrifying incident in Partington, Manchester on Saturday afternoon.

Rechelle told The Sun Online: “They were playing outside on the trampoline and I heard a screech, and it was him doing an emergency stop.

“I was sat on my couch and I could hear him shouting ‘come on, quick girls, come get some doughnuts’.

“My daughter ran in saying ‘mum, mum, quick’.

“I thought ‘it’s probably the neighbours being nice’.

“No mum, no really, come on mum’.

“She grabbed her sister and step-sister and brought them in.

“When I approached the man he looked petrified.

“I asked him what he wanted and he said ‘oh, oh, oh, I was just offering the girls some doughnuts’.

Mum-of-two Rechelle fears the driver would have grabbed her daughters if they had approached him.

The car sales boss praised her oldest daughter for stepping in and using her stranger danger training.

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She said: “I’m thankful I have a very wise daughter. She was very fast.

“I’ve always told her about stranger danger but I never thought we would have to use it.

“You could see Ameya heading (towards the van).

“If she would have got off that trampoline then god knows what.

“In a way I’m glad it happened because I can share this with my kids and other kids and they’re very aware.

“I just want to get the message out there to other parents.”

Rechelle has reported the incident to police.

The Sun Online has contacted Greater Manchester Police for comment.

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