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Fiction Lesson: The Erotic Dream Experience of Amaka with Jide



So Amaka went to visit Jide that afternoon . Lagos it was with her hotness splatted everywhere . She was already too hot. The AC in Jide’s room was nice . The cool air fell on her like fresh morning dew and her skin tightened from the sudden change . Her life felt good again .

Jide a handsome well going guy . Those ones that are passed to be called ‘Yoruba demon ‘ those ones that have everything all connected and set . He Smile sheepishly and got close to Amaka on the sofa . She was shivering now . The AC is doing his magic. It was intentional. Jide a known player has this trick of increasing his AC whenever girls comes visiting . They get cold and horny. And then he strikes .

He grabbed her in his arms , kissed her lips with great care , bit them softly sometimes and let her be for some seconds , then launched out again on to her breast . Finding her nipples with his teeth but not biting, only circling it .

Now, Amaka was lost as the smell from his perfume filled her nostril . He was wearing AVENTUS by creed . She fell more in lust . He carried her in his strong arm and to the bedroom , they landed on it with a thud .

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Like thunderstorms, she was naked as the day she was born . He took off , Amaka had no underwear , so it was easy for him to land his tongue on her clitoris and started to rolled it up and down like a painter roll their brush on a wall . He licked and tickled and sucked the tip. Sucking it gently then strongly . Shaking his head on top as he suck . Her body was vibrating and her legs shaking . She squeezed her own breast as he work on with his tongue . Her vagina was dripping waters ….he licked them all . They thirsted like wine . He knew she had been eating fresh fruits .

He continued for some 15 minutes and then slot one of his thumb into her vagina , he rolled it, add another finger to make it two , rolled and scrub the g-spot . As he continued to suck her clitoris . Amaka eyes was rolling now …and she wanted the d**k inside . He got up remove his pant and she woke up from sleep …it was a dream .