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Britain’s youngest female murderer: Girl, 12, mutilated teen in stabbing frenzy 25 years ago – but did she act alone?



It was a crime that shocked the country.

An 18-year-old returning home from an evening out at a local nightclub targeted at random and stabbed multiple times before her killer dumped her body.

But they were in for a terrifying surprise – the sadistic killer was 12-year-old Sharon Carr.

It would be four years before she was brought to justice, by which time she had stabbed a fellow pupil at her school who was lucky to escape with her life.

While awaiting trial, she was sent to an assessment centre where she tried to strangle two members of staff.

Convicted of wounding her young victim, she was sentenced to be detained at Her Majesty’s pleasure.

Four years after Katie’s murder, evil Carr must have believed she had got away with it because she started boasting about her knowledge of the crime.

At Bulwood Hall young offenders institution where she was being held, staff alerted police after Carr began talking about the killing of Katie on the telephone to her friends and family and also writing about it in her diaries.