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Woman goes blind after husband threw acid on her



In a brutal case of domestic violence, a woman has been left blind, burn and unable to eat after her husband threw acid on her. The woman Atsede Nigussiem, 26, had been disfigured after opening her door to estranged partner, Haimanot Kahsai, 29.

Kashai allegedly poured a corrosive substance all over Atsede’s face leaving her in agony as her five-year-old son, Hannibal Kahsai, slept inside. She ran into the street screaming for help while Haimanot fled.

Two months later Atsede is still in pain, her mouth has been melted together so she cannot talk, she is blind in her left eye and at severe risk of losing the sight in her right eye. She eats and drinks with a straw and spends all day “crying non stop” –

Atsede is today receiving treatment from burns specialists in Bangkok, Thailand.

She wrote: “I don’t know why my husband did this. I was at my parents house late at night. I just opened the door and it happened. I’m heartbroken and in pain.”

Blind woman after acid burn

Atsede who hails from Tigrai, Ethiopia, said she had been married for five years before her husband moved to neighbouring Yemen for work February and lost contact.

He then returned unexpectedly and launched the unprovoked acid attack after turning up unannounced at 11pm on 15 July.

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