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Tragedy as Married Man Dies Inside Girlfriend’s House After Spending The Night With Her



A 43-year-old married Zimbabwean man yesterday died at the home of his mistress.


According to H-Metro, the man, Phillip Kanyenze died around 5am at house number 35, Maware Street in Zengeza 2 after having difficulties in breathing while he was about to dress up and go to his matrimonial home.


The rumor mill had it that the mistress, Charity Dambaza had a hand in the death of Kanyenze which she dismissed as work of haters.


When H-Metro arrived at the place, Kanyeze’s body had been taken to the mortuary while a distraught Dambaza was wailing uncontrollably.


Dambaza narrated that the two had no children despite having an affair for three years. Dambaza. However, has her own child? She said it was no longer a secret that Phillip and her were an item since the former had formalized the union customarily.

“It was known that Phillip and I were an item. Even if you ask the youngest of the children who are playing outside. We were in love and this is an unfortunate incident that has happened. Munhuwo akatobhadhara tsvakirai kuno and all my relatives were aware of these developments including my brother who is a medical doctor, Dr Dambaza. Philip has a wife who works out of town.

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“Phillip had been sick of hypertension for the past four days and I was trying to tell him to seek medication. Ndakatombomuti ko tsano vako (Dr. DAMBAZA) zvavari doctor wadii vataura nawo. He told me that he did not want to bother him. I questioned why he was not telling me what he wanted to eat until he said he wanted chips which I prepared for him on Tuesday evening. He lived six streets away from our house,” she said while showing H-Metro a conversation the two had on whatsapp.


Dambaza’s brother, Jerry disclosed that Kanyenze had told him that he was coming to pay lobola (bride price) for his sister after his (Kanyenze’s) eldest daughter’s traditional ceremony taking place this Saturday.


“He was my in-law. His daughter was going to get married this Saturday and he had told me that he would use some of the money to come and pay lobola for Mai Praise. He would visit us every now and then because we had all embraced him as our in-law. We have communicated with his family, they are aware of what has happened and we intend to attend the funeral and help in any way we can,” said Jerry.

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H-Metro went on to House number 16B Gondo Street where the deceased and his first wife resided. Kanyenze’s father was said to have gone out making funeral arrangements. Kanyenze’s sister only identified as mai Ruvimbo dimissed the rumours that Dambaza had killed her brother while corroborating Dambaza’s statement.

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