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There Is Nothing To Show In Our Community That She Was A Minister – Diezani Alison Madueke’s Brother



There have been calls from some many quarters for the extradition of former Minister of Petroleum Resources Diezani Allison- Madueke. But a trip to her community Yenaka Community, a small Island in Yenagoa Local Government Area of Bayelsa State by Saturday Telegraph, showed that the indigenes are saying that Diezani did not touch their lives in spite of the amount of money she is alleged to have stolen from the nation’s coffers.

A foster brother to the former Minister, Maxwell Agama, said: “If you look at the compound here, there is nothing to show that she was a minister and they are saying she stole money. She only gave us a walkway. “Her father’s house is there, nothing has been done.

We have a lot of land here, nothing. Even now that she has not done anything, they want to kill her. If she has done something don’t you think they would have killed her already? There are so many allegations which are not true. “I don’t have much to say because I don’t know what is happening. I don’t know whether she stole money or not. I’m a villager. I don’t go to anywhere. I have not been abroad. We don’t even talk, so I don’t actually know what is happening.

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But once they have taken decision. I won’t dictate to the Federal Government. “I heard that they are even trying her abroad. So, what is the point bringing her here to try her? Which of the court is more superior? Is it the foreign court or Nigerian court? Let them try her there.

Everywhere is court. If she is found guilty there, fine. What of James Ibori was he not sentenced abroad?” Also, the sister, Deborah Agama, said: “All those things they are saying is not true. Nothing like that happened.

They should leave her alone. I’m not sure that she did that kind of thing.” In the same vein, Somken Tommy, in his reaction maintained that: “I don’t even see any sign that our sister embezzled money.

All those houses that they are claiming were built using Federal Government money I’m not sure because her familyis very rich. Even though they have not done anything for us, she is from here and she is my sister.

I have not seen anything that she did that the Federal Government is disturbing the woman. Let them leave her alone. “Diezani’s family is wealthy because her father worked with Shell. She also worked with Shell as a female director.

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Since my childhood her father has assets and handed over to all his children. “Before, if her father was coming back to the community then, he used to come with private jet, with white men. All those money that they said that she stole, that they said is Federal Government’s money, I’m not sure about it. In those days, the father used to pay teachers from his own money.” But the deputy paramount ruler of the Yenaka community, Chief Douglas Oguta, said: “Nigeria is her country. She should come back to her country.