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The sight of this Clinic in Ogun State will leave you speechless



It is a very pitiable situation that our so-called leaders does not have the interest of the masses at heart especially health wise (poor hospital and clinic conditions) and as such, are the real threats to democracy and Nigerian progress.

Ipokia local government clinic happens to be the only hospital that serves the whole of Ipokia local government indigenes but the mere sight of the clinic will leave you wondering if there was a local government chairman not to talk of a governor in the state.

What a shame that our leaders zoom off to abroad at the slightest feel of headache but leaves the poor masses to suffer even when prominent men of timbre and calibre originates from the state.

It might interest you to know that the likes of Wole Soyinka, Okikiola Obasanjo, Kemi Adeosun and a host of them are from the state yet a clinic that should serve a whole local government is nothing to write home about. That actually leaves me with the question, is there hope for a country Nigeria?

See photos below:

Ipokia Local Government Clinic

Ipokia Local Government Clinic

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