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One of the greatest mistakes in marriages is ‘comparison’



You may not be married but this will guide you. What is right for one couple is wrong for another. I would say that there are many more important factors to happy marriages. There’s one scripture in the bible that has always stayed with me all my life…..this scripture became even more real of late………….. Paul said that “comparing ourselves to one another are foolish” Comparison is one of the fastest ways to tear down your home! Every home, every marriage, every wife,& every husband is different! A is different from B and we must learn to accept those differences! I have seen women who expect their husbands to do what their friends husbands do for them, there are also husbands who expect their wives to be like their friends or female colleagues at work. If you don’t embrace the uniqueness of your marriage or your partner, you are telling them they are not good enough for you; if they get the feeling that they are not good enough for you, they might take a walk,or someone else who values them may walk in. Its possible to see something positive in others and encourage them in our spouses or our marriages but its suicidal to want to make our marriages or partners like someone else. If you see a great marriage you like, its because someone has invested in it,if you see a beautiful woman you wished your wife would be like, its because her husband has invested in her! If you see a man who is devoted to his wife and marriage, its because his wife has made the home a conducive place for him! So the next time you want to compare, ask yourself if you had invested enough to EARN IT…

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