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Woman Parades Through Italian City Without Cloths For Social Experiment But Gets Hounded By Group Of Men



A naked woman was filmed brazenly walking through a park in Italy while a group of men gawked at her then followed and tried to touch her.

In the shocking footage, the lady strolled through the busy park in Bologna, Italy in only her slippers and a white bag. Other than those, her entire body was exposed and she seemed not to care as people followed her and took pictures.


The video was first shared online in July but no one had any idea why she chose to walk around naked. A longer video has now been released where her reason was revealed. In it, one of the men put his arm around but she brushed off his creepy advances and told him she was carrying out a social experiment.

She addressed the sleazy men, saying: “It’s a social experiment, to show that we’re all good people. You are good, aren’t you, boys?”

The woman was reportedly fined £3000 for public indecency.