[MUST READ] Olamide VS Jay Z, Who Is Better At Rapping?

Good morning edujandon.com readers. I have a very important question to ask you all. But before that, I will throw in light on some things.

Olamide is a Nigerian rapper who has been rapping for several years and has series of albums to his name. He has songs which has been able to leave the shores of Africa to several countries where he jas even had concerts which a huge number of people coming to watch.

Jay Z as we all know is an old rapper who has been in the game and has made millions of dollars from this same thing. He has also been able to create a music platform called Tidal which has been able to bring more revenue and profit to him.

Olamide is currently Nigeria’s best rapper at the momemt while Jay Z is “just there” for now. 

The questiom now is, Between Olamide and Jay Z, who do enjoy his songs and patter on rappijg better? 

Drop your comments below…

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