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Man Discovers Girlfriend Cheated With Social Media Star After Watching This Street Video



A video has shown how a really furious boyfriend was forced to watch as his girlfriend cheated on him with a famous YouTube star.


According to Daily Star UK, Connor Murphy has made a name for himself online as a prankster and fitness personality – with more than a million subscribers.


He often uses his rippling physique to play tricks on unsuspecting passersby in the street in the US.


But now it seems his buff body has landed the social media star in hot water.


He teamed up with YouTube channel To Catch A Cheater, to help expose a cheating girlfriend.


Blonde babe Carly is approached by Connor and told she would be on his channel – with no clue her flirting is actually being watched by her boyfriend.


The girlfriend plays along with the YouTube prank before eventually planting a smacker on Connor’s abs.


But as soon as the camera’s stop rolling – and she is being filmed on a secret device – she swaps numbers and arranges to meet up with the YouTube star later.


Infuriated at what he has seen, the snubbed boyfriend shouts: “Be straight man, did they f*** or what happened?”


The channel’s presenter Louis ambiguously responds: “Well he didn’t use the word f*** actually…”


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To Catch a Cheater investigates men and women who think their partner has been playing away.

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