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Important Warning and Announcement To Women



Please , recently in the course of my private counseling of women , I have come to liaise with the police to deal with some issues . So I decided to come Public to warn as many that will read this .

Some guys now devise the means of opening fake Facebook account with a white mans face and start chatting you . Then they send one of their Nigerian female syndicate to pal you up and in the process , she will ask you if you know the white man . She will show you money he has sent her in dollars for sending him her nude pictures . You will be surprised. Then days later, the oyibo man will chat you and ask you for nude pictures promising to give you dollars .

Because you have heard the testimony of that other girl , you will believe and send him your nude . Only for him to revert back to one Naija guy who will now start blackmailing you that if you don’t part with some money , he will splash your pictures on social media . Out of fear , you will start paying him money .

Please do not fall prey to this scam . Be warned !

If you are already being blackmailed, contact me for a chat .

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Regards and one love .

SOURCE: Innocent Tino (Facebook)

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