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“He Sold His Car Because of You” -Nigerian Lady Calls Out Slay Queen Sleeping With Her sister’s Husband



A Nigerian lady who decided to take the bull by the horn on behalf of her sister, took to social media to call out a slay queen who has been reportedly sleeping with her sister’s husband.

Olatayo Gold, who called out Mariam Bello for allegedly trying to destroy sister’s home, further invoked karma on her. Here’s what she wrote;

“I don’t know why some girls are stupid and shameless, This unfortunate home destroyer despite you knows that he has a kid and wife your still have gut to be telling his wife that there’s nothing she can do…lemme tell you, u will never enjoy the rest of ur life coz for him to even sold his car bcoz of you I know it’s not ordinary but I know one thing for sure that it can never last and it will surely bounced back on you the useless bitch called MARIAM BELLO your a disgrace to your family and a source of sorrow. ”

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