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‘You Know Yourselves’ – Seyi Law On Different Kinds Of Political Supporters In Nigeria



Ace Nigerian comedian, Seyi Law, who has been quite vocal for sometime now, has taken to Instagram to write on different kind of political supporters in Nigeria.

Seyi Law listed some of them and further claimed we all know ourselves, wrote;

“It goes without saying that there are different kinds of political supporters and they are all in the support systems for different reasons. Let’s categorise them ased on these reasons.

INTEREST SUPPORTERS: This category is filled with a lot of the rich guys, a few contracts seekers and the hopeful financial beneficiaries. It is all about selfish interests. He will work in our favour kind of guys. Let’s invest and pull the He-Owe- Us cards. These guy are in all the parties.

PAID SUPPORTERS: This category is the flock of the hungry. These people are mostly common in Africa. The political class keep them hungry through lack of education, inflation and unemployment. A few buck and they throw caution to the wind. They are very gullible, but can influence electoral results a great deal.

EDUCATED ILLITERATE SUPPORTERS: This group is the saddest group. They are only as educated as the course of study without broaden knowledge. They are shallow minded and can read stupidity into meaning discussions. I call them the BRILLIANT FOOLS. They can argue out of context and are very loud. They can’t be easily corrected, but a little tweak in their direction and they are brainwashed.

ETHNIC AFFILIATED SUPPORTERS: These guys are dangerous to a good political process. They play the ethnic cards very well. They are the ones who shout, he is our thief, you can touch him. They bring ethnicity into every political discussions and no other tribe is ever good enough no matter the achievements. They are quick to dismiss achievements with a few wrongs. They always want to play the perfection.

GENUINE BUT PARTY BINDED SUPPORTERS: This category is that of the few good guys who know the truth, but have been caged or imprisoned by party affiliation and deep relationship. These guys are the ones that tell you the truth and their frustration in private, but are mute in public due to fear factors. I call them the COWARDS. If you can’t say it in public, keep it in your privacy. I don’t care.

ELECTION DAY PAID SUPPORTERS: The reason I didn’t add this people to the Paid supporters is because they only come out on election day and.

Vote for the highest bidder: These guys can vote multi parties on election day for different offices according to the highest payers. They are just the uncouth fools.

THUG SUPPORTERS: Dangerous and armed. They cause chaos at rallies and election venues. The sad thing is most lose their lives on money that is not worth it. We know them so I won’t eleborate.

PATRIOTIC SUPPORTERS: These are the real MVPs. They are politically neutral. They speak for the good of all and don’t hide under political correctness. They speak the bitter truth. These people are hardly spoken about in public and highly abused. Only few of them are young are willing to risk it. Just my observation, you may have more, do educate us. Thanks”

Seyi Law

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