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XXXTentacion has been one of rap’s busiest personalities so far in 2017 and he’s not even close to slowing that pace down. After he teased some of his upcoming project 17 on social media for his fans, followed by a concert appearance alongside D.R.A.M., it’s safe to say that XXX is quickly making a name for himself. However, for all the cryptic online announcements and activity he’s been known to practice, the rapper hasn’t actually rolled out any new music in a minute. Today, that all changes.

XXXTentacion is back with a new bit of music called “OK Shorty!” It’s a short but hype song that features a hilarious Face Time screengrab as the single’s cover art on Soundcloud. The style of his sonic approach, both with his vocal delivery and the instrumental that accompanies it, stays pretty much intact here. A solid, bass-driven underpinning propels his shouted vocals forward and helps give them the requisite energy to compensate for its decided monosyllabic quality. However, that’s not a critique, as I’ll admit that X’s work has been growing on me of late. Is it music that will necessarily stand as a stunning piece of intellectual property? Of course not. However, if you’re looking for a club-style banner to crank up real loud as you power through the tail end of another weekend, you could certainly do a lot worse than this.

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