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‘She Holds Vigil Any Night I Demand For Sex; ‘Our Kids Are Not Mine’ – Man Seeks Divorce



A man, Kolade Atanda, who sued for divorce at Oja Oba/Mapo Court C Customary Court, Mapo, Ibadan, Oyo State made the following allegations against his wife, Dupe Atanda.

He stated thus: “My wife denied me of two things which are important to me. These are s3x and access to my two children.

“Her mother indirectly runs our home because she takes orders from her, but flouts every instruction I give her.

“As a result of this I feel inadequate as a man.

He added, “I can’t tolerate this anymore. Please, separate us and give me custody of the children”

The  plaintiff gave  details of his wife’s misbehaviour.

“I got married to my wife eight years ago and for those years, she refused to work.

“I got her a job through the help of my boss, but she refused to resume work on the stipulated day,  ”he said.

“She denied me s3x. Any night I demanded for s3x, she would tell me her mother told her to pray throughout that night or attend a vigil in her church.

“I encouraged her to enroll for a part time Higher Diploma Degree (HND) course, but she failed to complete the programme.

“She made me believe she was nearly through with the course and that she was working on her project which she collected N90,000 for from me.

“She lied concerning the project for more than two years.  The truth was finally revealed when my friend who lectures in her school helped me to check her result.

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“He told me she performed woefully in all her courses and that she was not working on any project.

“I reported her to her mother who took side with her.

“Her mum told me she  never offered her daughter’s hand to me in marriage. She added that she was already engaged to someone who fared better than I did.

“I told her she shouldn’t have taken the food items and money my family members presented to her and her husband during our traditional wedding.

“My lord,  my wife and her mother  told me I have no claim on our children because they are not mine.

“She later moved out of my home with the children and took my belongings like deep freezer, watching machine, mattresses among others along with her.

“She called my father some few days back and threatened to deal with him if he refused to restrain me from coming to court, “he told the court.

The defendant  failed to show up in court after being served court summon twice.

The court president, Chief  Ademola Odunade, after he had listened to the plaintiff adjourned the case till September 7, for judgment.